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Dr. Kevin Gaw

I offer career and vocational counseling, as well as life transition counseling services and more traditional psychological services. I am a licensed psychologist, trained as a counseling psychologist. This means career work, passion, purpose, values, interests, and skills (and there is more), are at the core of my work with clients. Re-careering, finding new direction, finding congruence with what one does as work and who one is as a person are themes clients often present. I strive to help clients embrace their authentic selves. I work with adolescents and adults, with professionals who have discovered that their academic major is not their career path, and with older adults seeking new opportunities.

I have received my SkillScan Drive and Express certification.

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Kevin Gaw, PhD, LLC
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Kevin Gaw, PhD, LLC


Providence, RI 02906
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Some of the reasons I’m enjoying Drive:
- it’s easy and quick for clients to get started
- the simplicity of the charts of top skill categories and the top skill sets makes it easy to grasp
- the skill sets carry over easily into the career guides which carry over easily into O*NET
- there’s such a wide range of additional activities that clients can choose if they want
September 2018