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Dr. Carol-Anne Minski

Carol-Anne’s passion is to inspire women leaders to focus on success. As a coach she works with women to help them find their mojo – what that means is to gain the focus and clarity they need to achieve their goals. As a consultant, she provides leadership development programs.

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Counselor/Coach (Independent or Private Practice)
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Motivational speaker
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Private Practice
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CMA Leadership Consultants


Jim Thorpe, PA 18229-3742
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Virtual & On Location
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I have used the SkillScan cards and profile for years and moved to the online version as soon as it was released for ease of use and detail of results. Most recently, I switched to the new version "Drive". I think it's great - easy to comprehend, very professionally presented and the occupations are much more interesting than the Strong or the Holland Occupations. Having them broken down into industry is so helpful showing a client how many industries their skills can transfer.