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Diana G. Abath, Ed.D., GCDFi, HS-BCP, CDC

I have 15 years of diversified and eclectic experience in career development, employment, and human services and higher education serving in roles as a program director, manager, coordinator, counselor, coach, administrator, and practitioner-educator. I love meeting and working with diverse people!

Ed.D., Online, Career, & Instructor Education
M.A., Industrial-Organizational Psychology
MA.Ed., Community Education,

Certified Skillscan Assessment Administrator
Global Career Development Facilitator & Instructor
Board Certified Human Services Practitioner
Certified BlueRio Development Coach - Career Transitions

Services Offered/Specialties:
Online and in-person academic/educational advising, career and employment counseling, coaching, exploration, and assessments, job search planning/strategies, cover letter/resume/CV writing, portfolio construction, and occupational/employer/LMI research.

Select the primary role that fits you: 
Counselor/Coach (Independent or Private Practice)
Type of Organization: 
Private Practice
Organization Name: 
ShineWrite Career & Professional Development


Southern Vermont Area, VT
Work Arrangement: 
Virtual & On Location

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I really liked using Skillscan’s Career Driver Online. I liked how the system grouped skills and made career and class suggestions based on those skills. I took my students to the computer lab to take the assessment and it was helpful to work in a group because one student’s question helped other students. My students found it easy to use. During my student’s final presentation on their career action plan, they all talked about the Career Driver’s recommendations for their skills and how it would fit into to the job they wanted.