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Colleen DelVecchio

Colleen DelVecchio is the Director for Alumnae Engagement at Smith College, focusing on supporting alumnae career development, and an Adjunct Faculty at Holyoke Community College, teaching public speaking. With over fifteen years experience in career counseling, training and staff development, she believes that everyone should have a career that they love. Her background includes extensive development of curricula for in-person and e-learning experiences around career choice, transitioning careers, public speaking and finding a career you are passionate about. Through the development of mentoring programs, webinars, group career counseling sessions and online resources, Colleen has worked with alumnae to reach their career goals and stay connected to their alma mater. She has also worked with non-profit agencies nationwide on organizational change and program development while at UMass Boston.
Colleen has a BA in psychology from Boston University, and is working on her master’s in higher education at UMass Amherst.

Type of Organization: 
Organization Name: 
Smith College


Northampton, MA 01063
Work Arrangement: 
Virtual & On Location

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I was delighted to recently give a SkillScan workshop at our office. We help unemployed and underemployed folks prepare for their job search. It was very easy to administer and I found it to be a useful tool to help articulate "transferable" skills. I was amazed to see levels of confidence and self esteem rise as we translated their past experiences into marketable skill sets. It served as a wonderful reminder to our clients that their skills are directly applicable to other jobs and in different industries.