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Ciara Gogan

I help my clients develop their Superpowers! I firmly believe in the power of strengths and self-knowledge. My clients experience increased self-acceptance, the true understanding of what's important to them, and the inner knowledge to create the life they were born to live!

All of my coaching is personalized, it’s about what you want, not some predetermined plan that the coach thinks you should follow! My approach is different…I work with you to determine your best way forward, week by week, based on what’s important to you.

Call me to find out more and to learn how I can help you. I look forward to helping you love the rest of your life!

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Counselor/Coach (Independent or Private Practice)
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Private Practice
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Ciara Gogan Life Coaching


Rockland, MA 02370
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After I was laid off from my job in July, SkillScan was a really great tool that helped me reassess my strengths and skills. What was unique about it was it not only confirmed the skills I thought I excelled in, but presented additional results that I wouldn’t have even considered if I hadn’t taken the assessment. Easily digestible, clear, concise, and informative, SkillScan was absolutely worth it!
- September, 2019