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Christine Suva

Christine Suva, Founder and President of THRIVE Coach Services, Inc. is an IPEC Certified Professional Life & Career Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELIMP), and is deeply committed to helping others find passion, purpose and success in their lives! She has over 20 years experience guiding thousands across the country to achieve career and personal goals as an Outplacement Consultant and Wellness Professional. Expert certified in state-of-the-art assessement tools; Chris provides customizable group/individual coaching, motivational speaking, training and consulting. She has a talent for getting to the core of who a person is, what they want, what holds them back, and provides tools and strategies for success!

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Counselor/Coach (Independent or Private Practice)
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Private Practice
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THRIVE Coach Services, Inc.


Chicago Area, IL 60517
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Virtual & On Location
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After I was laid off from my job in July, SkillScan was a really great tool that helped me reassess my strengths and skills. What was unique about it was it not only confirmed the skills I thought I excelled in, but presented additional results that I wouldn’t have even considered if I hadn’t taken the assessment. Easily digestible, clear, concise, and informative, SkillScan was absolutely worth it!
- September, 2019