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Barbara Herzog

Nationally certified career counselor and coach in private practice in the Washington, DC, assisting clients in exploring new career directions, conducting an effective job search, negotiating salary or resolving on-the-job problems. Has an MA in Counseling as well as certifications and experience at outplacement firms Lee Hecht Harrison and The Five O'Clock Club. Offers a seasoned perspective based on 15 years as a mid-level manager. Provides workshops as well as individual in-person and telephone consultations. A menu of services is available at

* ASSESSMENT, including Myers Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory and Skill Scan; exploration of preferred skills, strengths, values, interests and personality, as well as providing decision-making tools.
* JOB SEARCH ASSISTANCE, including tailored resumes using keywords adapted to Applicant Tracking Systems, LinkedIn profiles, job targeting, communication, branding and marketing materials, interview preparation, and salary negotiation
* WORKPLACE COACHING, including maximizing professional growth, job stress, negotiating for raises, and methods for dealing with difficult bosses and co-workers.
* OUTPLACEMENT, including full range of assessment and job search services similar to those provided by large outplacement firms.
* PERSONAL COACHING for maximizing satisfaction with work and home lives

Select the primary role that fits you: 
Counselor/Coach (Independent or Private Practice)
Other role: 
Personal/Life Coach
Type of Organization: 
Private Practice
Organization Name: 
Herzog Career Consulting


Washington, DC 20016
Work Arrangement: 
Virtual & On Location
Phone Number: 
202 364-4189

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SkillScan is deceptively simple and transparent, yet profoundly useful. Asking clients to sort and rank their skills, together with clustering them into occupationally meaningful patterns, provide them positive, hopeful insights, helps to clarify their core career identity and builds confidence and self-esteem--all necessary to maintain an effective career development program in the face of inevitable challenges.