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Anne Chan

Anne’s passion for helping others led her to make a career change from teaching to career counseling. She has worked as a career counselor in a variety of settings, including community agencies and higher education.

Anne utilizes her training, life experiences, and intuition to guide clients toward their best possible selves in their careers. She absolutely believes in the potential and capacity of people to achieve their goals and dreams in their lives and relationships.

Her counseling style is warm, caring, compassionate, down to earth, thoughtful and respectful. She provides an individualized plan for her clients and enjoys working collaboratively with people to maximize benefits from career counseling.

Her passions include helping people make career changes during major life transitions (e.g., after a baby or job loss), identify their strengths, find a niche for themselves in the work world and get unstuck from emotional blocks. She loves guiding clients in resume construction and job interview preparation. She also loves working with people seeking creative and artistic jobs and are looking to incorporate meaning into their lives.

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Counselor/Coach (Independent or Private Practice)
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Private Practice


Fremont, CA 94546
Work Arrangement: 
Virtual & On Location

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Love using the new Drive assessment with my clients. The report content flows well. The formatting of the Personal Skill Chart is very detailed and easy to interpret. I particularly find the Strategic Skill Profile that showcases the client's dominant skills a useful tool to use in personal branding. September 2018