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Allison Cheston

Allison Cheston is a New York City-based career advisor with a 30-year background in marketing and branding, PR, executive search and cross-cultural communication. Using a marketing framework, she helps executives and young adults identify their unique value in the marketplace and the right career direction, provides the tools they need to promote themselves effectively with prospective employers, and then helps them find the right job.

Allison is also Chief Career Officer of Trilogy Education Services, a series of web development boot camps at universities around the country. Allison’s role has been to design and teach a career curriculum so that once the 6-month boot camp is completed, students are employment-ready The first boot camp launched at Rutgers University in October, 2015. Allison currently supports 100 students, with more signing on in the months to come at universities such as University of Texas Austin, University of Central Florida, UCLA, and others, as the company continues to expand nationally.

Previously, Allison served as Chief Marketing Officer of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), the global trade group for the executive search industry. Prior to that, she held senior positions at a number of branding and design agencies, including leading new business development and account management for a network of firms in the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Switzerland. From 1999 until 2003 she co-founded and ran DesignScout, an early entry in the online search business specialized in connecting branding and design firms with corporate clients.

A frequent speaker on career management, Allison blogs on career issues for young adults at her own blog, CareerConnector, and has been a contributor to Forbes and FoxNews. She delivers highly interactive workshops for NYU and other colleges in the New York area and conducts leadership training for individuals and teams, helping early and mid-career employees develop and brand themselves more effectively while learning how to grow as leaders.

Allison has also consulted to education technology start-up 2U, developing marketing partnerships with both non-profits and public sector companies.

A graduate of the University of Michigan with a BA in International Relations and Romance Languages, Allison holds an MA in International Education and a Certificate in Adult Career Planning, both from New York University. She is Myers-Briggs certified, and speaks French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Allison lives in New York City and is the mother of two college students, a senior and a sophomore.

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Counselor/Coach (Independent or Private Practice)
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Chief Career Officer for Trilogy Education Services
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Private Practice
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Allison Cheston & Associates, LLC


New York, NY 10065
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On Location

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