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Allison Cheston

Allison Cheston is a New York City-based career advisor with a background in marketing, branding, executive search, curriculum development and cross-cultural communication. She helps executives and young adults identify their unique value in the marketplace and explore roles and organizations that best fit their talents and interests, and then positions them to get the job.

She also conducts Millennial leadership training with individuals and groups, to help clients better understand their value to the organization, improve their branding and messaging, and better align with and communicate the company mission. She designs and teaches career curriculum for boot camps and other credentialing organizations. Find Allison’s Career Connector blog and contact information at

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Counselor/Coach (Independent or Private Practice)
Type of Organization: 
Private Practice
Organization Name: 
Allison Cheston, Career Connector


New York, NY 10001
Work Arrangement: 
Virtual & On Location
Phone Number: 
(917) 975-4184

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”Drive is the one assessment I start with all of my clients. It puts us on the same page regarding what skills and skill sets are important to them. Knowing this helps me guide my clients toward roles that are the right fit for them, with speed and confidence.” August 2018