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About the Author Lesah Beckhusen

Lesah Beckhusen

Lesah Beckhusen

For over 30 years, Lesah has successfully provided career advice to thousands of people, from those launching their careers to career transitioners and career advancers. Her experience led to simultaneously develop a publishing business to provide better career advice and career development services. She is the co-developer of Professional Pack and creator of Advance Pack 2.0, Express Assessment and SkillScan Drive (released in Fall, 2018) and an extensive set of complimentary career assessments and resources in the Learning Center.

All these tools were developed to help people make better decisions about their career choices at all stages of their employment history. This includes learning about developing their careers, getting career advice, and the role of career testing.

SkillScan is used by thousands of career development professionals in universities, community colleges, Fortune 500, medium and small corporations, as well as career centers and private practices throughout the United States and Canada. It has been carefully developed over two decades in response to feedback from users. Lesah has worked with clients in a wide variety of environments including community colleges, corporations, outplacement firms, career centers and universities.

Lesah specializes in working with career counselor and coaches to help clients facilitate a focus through integrating skill results with interests, values and personality type to gain a holistic picture of their unique career preferences.

In addition to having a portfolio career of counseling, training and product development, Lesah worked as an Associate Director/Career Adviser at the University of California Berkeley's, School of Business for over 23 years. She holds a BA and MS from San Diego State University.

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I have used the SkillScan cards and profile for years and moved to the online version as soon as it was released for ease of use and detail of results. Most recently, I switched to the new version "Drive". I think it's great - easy to comprehend, very professionally presented and the occupations are much more interesting than the Strong or the Holland Occupations. Having them broken down into industry is so helpful showing a client how many industries their skills can transfer.