SkillScan Career Assessments: A fast, intuitive-based process for identifying transferable skills.

Skillscan is an engaging skills assessment that enhances personal clarity and supports all stages of career development. Receive a detailed report of client strengths, career options and development suggestions with SkillScan’s comprehensive online assessments and hands-on card sorts.

SkillScan assessments are used by thousands of career development professionals in universities, community colleges, Fortune 500 corporations, as well as career centers and private practices throughout the United States and Canada.


Discover your core strengths and preferences to support your career development.

Career Coaches

Help your clients identify and optimize their core strengths  in decision-making, exploration, development and the job search. 


Give your employees an enhanced understanding of their core strengths for career planning, job advancement and professional development. 

See what our users are saying...

I administered Skill Scan to my class of sophomore plastics engineering students today. The students loved it! One said he didn't realize he had so many skills. Another said he now had words to use to describe his experience when introducing himself to someone professionally. Even those who had a lot of skills yet to develop were excited to record them all in one place. It was a great confidence booster! 

Kimberly Bilawchuk, Part-time Career Counselor/Adjunct Faculty at UMass Lowell